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At Haslam & Thorne, APC, in Ontario, California, our legal team is committed to guiding you through your family law case. We understand the complex nature of family law disputes and how your life will be impacted.

We care about you and your family. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience handling complex family law issues for clients in the Inland Empire.


Every divorce case is unique and should be carefully evaluated by an experienced attorney. However, our law firm strives to help you understand the legal issues you may face during your divorce so we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and our responses.

Who can file for divorce in California? At least one spouse must have lived in California for six months before filing for divorce.

What are the grounds for divorce? In California, you can file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences or incurable sanity (medical proof that spouse is insane is required).

How will our property be divided? California is a community property state, which means that all property acquired during your marriage is considered community property. Property and debt (except for student loans) acquired during marriage are equally divided between both spouses unless both parties have agreed to an unequal division.

How is child custody determined? If both spouses cannot agree on custody or visitation arrangements, a judge will make the decision based on several factors and state guidelines.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of California divorce laws and guidelines. We know what factors need to be reviewed and how decisions regarding your divorce settlement and custody arrangements are made. We work hard to protect your interests and to find a resolution that protects you and your family.

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