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Property And Debt Division

For most people seeking a divorce, dividing marital property equitably is nearly as important as resolving child custody issues. California is a community property state. In a community property state, all property and debt acquired during the marriage belongs equally to both spouses and must be divided evenly. Making sure that debts, financial holdings and physical property are valued appropriately and divided evenly becomes the key issue.

Make Sure Your Marital Property Division Is Fair

At Haslam & Thorne, APC, in Ontario, California, our team of family law attorneys has extensive experience in areas involving marital property division for all sizes of estates. Our satisfied clients have included many of the Inland Empire’s most successful individuals, but we also serve the needs of people of more modest means.

Your Future Financial Security Depends On Getting A Fair Property Settlement

Whether you are seeking a mediated settlement through a collaborative law process, or are forced to litigate to protect your financial interests, our lawyers have the experience to protect your interests and make sure that your marital property settlement is fair. Your financial security may depend on reaching an agreement that is equitable.

Our legal team will carefully evaluate all factors in your specific situation. This includes reviewing your property, assets and debts to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

What About Retirement Benefits?

Retirement benefits are a big issue during negotiations. Are you entitled to your spouse’s pension, stock options or retirement benefits? What about Social Security benefits? We will answer these questions and help you explore all available options.

We are committed to protecting your rights and interests. We know the financial implications of divorce. We are here to help you during the process so you can trust that you are getting a fair settlement.

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WhatOur Clients Say

Mr. Thorne and his staff are competent, ethical, professional, and compassionate. Mr. Thorne was honest and dependable. He walked us through ever aspect of our case and was always available. Would recommend him again hands down. Being out of state was not an issue and Mr. Thorne kept us up to date at all times.


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